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How to use the New Predictive Analytics in your Budgeting Process

What’s it worth to be able to predict the future?


For many of us, this is the time of year to prepare and finalize next year’s budget and to forecast future spending needs. There are several tools that can make this process faster, more accurate and more successful.

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The Journey to Advanced Analytics 

Most B2B professionals today are using some form of analytics to make better-informed marketing decisions. However, most are using a basic form more exactly known as “descriptive analytics” as opposed to the higher technology-based “advanced analytics.”

The Verdi Group sat down with John D. Clayton (formerly Senior Manager at Accenture, now Chief Analytics

John D. Clayton
Chief Analytics Officer at
The Verdi Group.

Officer at Verdi) to gain a better understanding of descriptive analytics, how B2B marketers are currently using it, and why they should be moving toward advanced analytics to gain more impactful insights, make better marketing decisions, and help predict the future.

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