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John D. Clayton Featured again in RBJ!

Check out this article from last week’s Rochester Business Journal where our very own John D Clayton, SME in predictive analytics, discussed how analytics can help the construction industry by taking out the guesswork.

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Mini Series – Landing Page Best Practice – Part 3: An Eye for Design

In this mini-series, we will review the best practices for three landing page components: the copy, call-to-action, and the creative design. Part three is dedicated to the creative design.

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New Year Equals New Goals: B2B Marketing Resolutions for 2019

A new year is approaching for B2B marketers, which means new budgets will be given and new goals must be set! To help you in your 2019 planning, we’ve compiled a list of practical marketing resolutions you can put into action.

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Sparking conversation between user and decision maker

Although decision makers are traditionally targets for B2B marketing communications, there are others within organizations that should be considered when trying to stimulate interest in certain products or services. These influencers can have quite a lot of say in the purchase process, and in fact, may even be the ones to champion a brand. Key influencers are the primary users of the product or service in question—they have the day-to-day experience and knowledge base to accurately appraise a new tool and understand how it could help their work and their organization’s goals.

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