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Using IP Addresses for B2B and B2C Demand Generation – Part Two: B2C

In this two-part series, we will review different technologies and practices to generate leads. Part two is dedicated to B2C.

Our last article covered inbound marketing efforts tracking businesses that look at your website or landing page. This article covers ways you can target prospects in your B2C demand-generation campaign.

For a digital ad campaign you want to make sure your marketing dollars are being used in the most effective and efficient way possible. A method that helps ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck is to utilize advanced IP audience targeting technology. Advanced IP audience targeting allows you to select the demographics of your desired target to deliver digital ads right to their home on their computer or mobile device. Business locations can also be predetermined to deliver ads to anyone that is on the internet in that location.

There are a few ways marketers can use this type of targeting to receive a better return on their prospecting investments. One of them is to target/track those who click your online banner ads. This allows businesses to gain information about those who’ve clicked on their ad.

Take for example a banner ad campaign we tracked for our client using Semcasting’s Advanced IP Audience Targeting.

Our client, St. John’s Home, was looking for a way to increase private-pay enrollment for their skilled nursing home care. Our agency delivered banner ads to specific businesses and households of predetermined demographics and locations on various devices in the Rochester, NY area.

For 10 weeks, adult children aged 55-74 and spouses aged 75+ with assets above $150k were delivered St. John’s banner ads in their homes and at relevant businesses (geriatrician offices, estate planners, senior centers, etc.) on their computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Daily reports of who clicked on the banner ads were delivered from Semcasting, and in return St. John’s was able to mail out personalized follow-up letters using their home address. (And yes, this is legal!).

This campaign was a resounding success, sourcing 3.2 million impressions, which resulted in 2,704 clicks for a .08% CTR (60% above industry and overall averages for display ad CTR: .05%). By the end of the 10 weeks every bed for their skilled nursing home care was filled! (A feat that they had not accomplished in some time of late). This campaign also brought a 12% increase in St. John’s overall web traffic.

As you can see, this type of strategy is a great way to monetize the effects of a digital campaign.

If you’re interested in using advanced IP audience targeting to target more qualified leads and increase awareness, call Rock Miller at (585) 381-4275, or visit to learn more about our agency. And don’t be surprised if we follow you home!