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Using IP Addresses for B2B and B2C Demand Generation – Part One: B2B

In this two-part series, we will review different technologies and practices to generate leads. Part one is dedicated to B2B.

Should B2B marketers use reverse IP lookup for prospecting?

In today’s digital age, there are countless ways you can reach prospects. One technology we’ve proven in B2B prospecting is a reverse IP lookup.

This is an extremely useful technique that can help businesses gain insights into prospects’ digital activity. By doing this, businesses can better determine a prospect’s interest in their product or service, and in return respond quickly with the appropriate communication (i.e., direct mail, email, phone conversation, etc.).

In this article, we will explain what a reverse IP lookup is and how we have used it to help companies find qualified leads and increase new business opportunities.

What is a reverse IP lookup and what information does it provide?

A reverse IP lookup, or reverse domain name system (DNS), is the process of associating a physical address with an IP address. Similar to IP tracking where a tool monitors the computer’s IP address associated with your internet server, a reverse IP lookup goes one step further by identifying the owner of that address, in addition to some other useful information.

The reverse IP lookup provides the following information:

  • The address of the organization associated with that IP address

  • The phone number or address (if permitted)

  • What pages were viewed

  • How long said pages were viewed

  • How that person came to discover your business (organic, direct, or paid search)

Track those who visit your website

You can also apply reverse IP lookup to your website or landing pages to help get a better understanding of what companies may be interested in your services. Take for example Lead Forensics, a software that reveals the identity of companies who are visiting your website. By inserting a tracking code on your pages, you can gain insightful information about leads you never knew you had.

A service like this will tell you exactly how they came to reach your website – whether organic or paid search.  It also gives you the name of the organization that viewed your website. Once you gain this information, you can look for the appropriate title to contact via LinkedIn. Once you have that, you can call that person or send a personalized communication. Thanks to your “coincidental timing”, they’ll be more apt to consider doing business with you.

Reverse IP lookup is worth the investment for B2B companies

Reverse IP lookup is a great way for B2B agencies to monetize the effects of a digital campaign. It can even give you better insight into who is in the early stages of the buyer’s journey.

And even if there isn’t an immediate need, later when a need arises, they’ll recall your outreach and you can add these prospects to your lead nurture program.

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