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4 Tips for Sending B2B Holiday Promotions

Although the holidays tend to bring heavy marketing to consumers – B2B marketers can still take advantage of the season to increase sales and build brand loyalty. To help make your current/future holiday promotions merry and bright, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips!

1. Offer something special

As the year comes to an end, many decision makers are closing the books and ready to spend the remainder of their budget. All they need is a relevant offer to help them realize why they should do business with you. This is also a perfect opportunity to feature any new products, services, or special discounts.

2. Incorporate print

Stand out from your competitors this holiday season by incorporating a personalized print piece. According to a recent study, direct mail response rates are 10 to 30 times higher than email, and even higher when compared to online display. If you have the means, try including a well-strategized direct mail campaign to help drive more response.

3. Tie in social media

Incorporating social media can help compliment whatever type of communication you’re sending, plus it gives you a second chance to appear on your prospect/customer’s screen. Increase awareness and engagement by making your offer available on your social media platforms – and don’t forget to lead them back to your website or landing page to learn more and request information.

4. Build Brand Loyalty

Every once in a while, a communication with no motive beyond good wishes can be powerful. Instead of focusing your holiday campaign around increasing sales, take a more traditional route and simply sending a nice message with no offer. This will help you build brand loyalty and leave a positive impression that will likely last beyond the holiday season!

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