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How to make video work as an offer for every B2B marketing campaign

Whether you’re drumming up a lead generation program or building brand awareness, video should always be considered as a potentially strong offer!

At Verdi, we’ve found there are specific video offers that work best for different marketing campaigns such as lead generation, customer retention, and awareness/branding. Below are tips from Verdi experts that can help you choose the right video offer and optimize your B2B marketing campaign.

Lead Generation

Everyone wants to convert prospects into leads. That’s why lead generation is among the most important marketing efforts for any B2B company. Whatever format you decide to use for your lead generation campaign – video as an offer will help customers understand your product or service more clearly.

Verdi Creative Director, Bob Green, says the best type of video offers to use for lead generation programs are brief product demonstrations or use-case videos.

Videos that demonstrate how your product or service can offer a solution to a problem are the key at this stage in the buying process. Tutorials, explainer videos, how-to’s and webinars will convince the prospect of the need for your business and the urgency to contact you.

Customer Retention

The most qualified prospects are your customers! The best way to keep customers loyal is by reminding them just how unique your brand is.

According to Bob, any video offer you use for retention marketing efforts should show customers new and interesting ways to use your product or service. Commercial videos are not necessary at this stage – humor and visual interest are more important so that you can keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Behind-the-scenes videos, as well as employee/customer testimonials work best. This will help customers confirm their loyalty to your brand and keep your product or service top-of-mind.


When a prospect doesn’t know your brand or product, chances are he/she will be reluctant to have a conversation with you. This is why the credibility that video creates is a perfect offer for awareness and branding marketing efforts.

Bob says the key at this stage is to reinforce your brand and mission statement with an unusual twist. These videos should be entertaining and concise – typically between 30-60 seconds. Length is important because you want to grab a person’s attention quickly, but also leave them wanting more i.e. visiting your website, social media, etc.

Quick Tips on Hosting Videos

Whether your video offer is located on your website, a social media platform, or a landing page – it should always be concise and parallel with what you’re trying to say.

Keep in mind that although there are 4.1 billion active internet users in the world, “Almost half (49%) of people will disregard a brand if it bombards them with ads or if they perceive the advertising to be irrelevant; while more than one-third (36%) are more likely to buy from a brand that sends them tailored messages,” according to Forbes.

Verdi’s Web Designer, Amanda Hays, says that videos appearing on the internet should be engaging, short in length, and contain minimum text so that’s it’s not distracting to read or view the video. She also suggests creating videos that can be easily understood even with the sound turned off – because often times people don’t turn their volume on while scrolling through social media.

All in all, remember that your videos should address the single most important point you want your target audience to understand about your communication. Ask yourself how your video will get prospects to consider responding.

Bob believes that videos should always be relevant, brief, and obviously not commercial. He’s found that humor and visual interest can help make a video memorable. One of his favorite quotes by David Ogiluy is, “you cannot bore people into buying your product; you can only interest them in buying it.”

At the end of the day, an effective direct marketing campaign relies heavily upon a strong offer to generate a qualified response. And if done correctly, video as an offer can help prospects understand your product and consider learning more – resulting in many leads and loyal customers.

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