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Why your Marketing Agency Should go the Extra Mile to Attend Client Trade Shows.

The Verdi Group recently traveled to the 2018 International Roofing Expo (IRE) in New Orleans, LA for one of our clients–and believe it or not, we didn’t just go for the gumbo and beignets! We attended the show not only to expand our industry knowledge, but to show our commitment to our client and their campaigns.

Staying on top of industry trends

A trades show is an opportunity for companies to showcase and exhibit their new products and services. Here your agency can meet with professionals in the industry from far and wide. This gives them a chance to see new trends and gain insight on what is to come in the future. Being aware of up-and-coming products will help your agency work with you to strategize your marketing efforts more effectively.

An abundance of professional resources

Verdi often creates content for our clients, so attending workshops and lectures helps us gain relevant information for future blog posts, newsletters, direct mail pieces, etc. This is an opportunity to listen to thought leaders in the industry and take away new ideas. These trusted sources may be willing to provide information and quotes to add extra credibility to the content we generate.

Scoping out the competition

As the agency, we’ve studied our client’s competitors online, but now is the chance to see them in person. There’s no better way to get an up-close look at similar products in the industry than at a trade show. This can be a time to take note on the messaging and value propositions a competitor is using so that we can help our client differentiate their product from the rest of the crowd.

Strengthen your client relationship

Nothing says commitment to our clients like giving them unpaid time to learn more about their business and prospects. Attending events like trade shows, exhibits, and other conferences expresses our willingness to understand a client’s field of expertise. It’s an investment we often make that will easily outweigh the expense. In the end, it helps us stay ahead of the curve and maintain a lifelong relationship.

For the love of networking

All in all, trade shows are a great way to develop relationships and receive insight on how others do business. Meeting other people in the industry can help you spark inspiration, and who knows, it may even lead to a new partnership!