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Why Skills-Based Volunteering is Worth the Investment for your Company and Community.

Todd Butler from Causewave Talks Serving with Agency Skill Set.

As the world is becoming more socially active and aware, many businesses are beginning to ask themselves how they can become more engaged in the community. The solution? Skills-based volunteering.

The Verdi Group recently had the opportunity to support Causewave Community Partners by creating a direct mail piece for their client appreciation party. While attending this event, we had a chance to speak with President and CEO, Todd Butler, about how businesses can use their skill set in the community.

“There’s a huge range of impact an agency can have on a community,” said Todd. “It’s really only limited by the agency’s imagination and commitment.”

Causewave President and CEO, Todd Butler.

In other words, using your skills in the community isn’t as easy as checkbook philanthropy! To create lasting change, there needs to be a great deal of time, commitment, and hard work.

According to Todd, one way to start is by picking a specific organization to support. “If some people in an agency have been touched by cancer–ask yourself–can I help a cancer organization in some way?”

Whether it’s an invitation package, project management, or a social media campaign, there’s always a way you can use your organization’s unique set of skills. Plus, many forget that it’s mutually beneficial for employers, helping employee’s grow their skill set in areas they haven’t before.

Interested in taking a leap of faith with skills-based volunteering? Read the article, The Promise of Skills-Based Volunteering by Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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