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Low-impact mail. Not here. Not now.

Because we do a lot of dimensional mail at Verdi, our account team has been condescending about the less elaborate envelope mailings and self-mailers that constitute most of the mail that arrives in your mailbox on a daily basis. And if a dimensional mail piece that costs $50 each is a high-impact effort (and of course it is!) then what do we call a follow-up envelope mailing consisting of an outer envelope, letter, brochure, lift note, and reply card?

Listen carefully: it is not (repeat NOT) a low-impact effort. Classic direct mail pieces in this format have been the backbone of the direct-response industry since John Caples wrote the famous line, “They laughed when I sat down at the piano…but when I started to play…” (1926).

Direct mail response rates typically outperform email by a factor of ten or more, and whether you use a self-mailer, catalog, envelope mailer, and yes, dimensional mail, you can enjoy elevated response rates (over electronic media) as long as your list and offer are appropriate. If your universe of prospects is finite, and your order size is large, it makes sense to commit the resources to a dimensional mailing program. But you can often generate incremental leads and orders by including a classic direct mailer in between dimensional efforts. And it also is a good idea to follow up with an email providing yet another presentation of your offer. Often, you’ll be impressed with the ROI from these additional efforts. They have the potential substantially to supplement the results you get from your more costly efforts.

There’s nothing low impact about that kind of program!