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Sparking conversation between user and decision maker

Although decision makers are traditionally targets for B2B marketing communications, there are others within organizations that should be considered when trying to stimulate interest in certain products or services. These influencers can have quite a lot of say in the purchase process, and in fact, may even be the ones to champion a brand. Key influencers are the primary users of the product or service in question—they have the day-to-day experience and knowledge base to accurately appraise a new tool and understand how it could help their work and their organization’s goals.

The Challenge

In the second quarter of 2013 we were asked to develop a direct response marketing campaign to generate leads for Carestream’s Vue PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). The latest version of the PACS featured clinical tools that essentially had a wow-factor among radiologists, the ones who’d be using the system. Normally though, committees of different hospital personnel end up making purchase decisions of this nature. Although radiologists are the ones that would be most impressed with the clinical features, and could easily see the benefits of the new additions, many other people, including radiology administrators, are involved in the purchase process.

The Approach

Knowing this, the creative strategy was built on a two-pronged approach. First we developed a large 6-page spiral bound booklet for radiologists, and second we created a business letter package for radiology administrators.

The booklet clearly showcased 3 visual examples of the system’s new Lesion Management feature and highlighted the clinical technology that makes it possible—this piece was meant to dive into the details and clearly show the difference the system can make in radiologists’ work. The call to action on this piece was to visit the personalized URL to access the landing page featuring the digital assets that were being offered—a scholarly article and two videos about the product.  There were also two tear-off cards in this mailing—one could be sent in to request more info or schedule a demo, and the second was to be given to the radiology administrator at the facility so they could learn about and access more information on the product themselves.

The business letter package to the rad admin introduced the new PACS feature and explained its benefits with relation to workflow for the radiology department. This letter also drove traffic to PURLs featuring the offers.

Making An Impact With Personalization

In direct marketing, personalization is used to enhance communications to be more relevant and increase the likelihood of response. This campaign not only featured personalized addressing, salutations, and URLs, but also referenced actual colleagues. The letters to the rad admins notified them that their specific radiologist received a package (the spiral bound booklet)— “When Dr. _____ sees this he/she may be in touch with you.” The doctor’s name was variably printed based on the facility. By making reference to an actual colleague, the letter made a strong impact.

The booklet to the radiologist and the letter to the rad admins both featured elements meant to spark conversation (between user and decision maker) about the product, and ultimately the Carestream brand.

We developed two versions of materials for this campaign—one for prospects and one for current customers. Emails, social media posts, and telemarketing followed the direct mailings.

The Results

The campaign (combined current customer and prospect versions) resulted in a great number of leads. And on top of that, 34.65% of the leads proceeded to become opportunities, which meant that the leads generated were highly qualified and great accounts for the sales team to focus on to move closer to sales.

Beyond the immediate results, the nature of this campaign’s components certainly had the power to create a lasting impression and start a conversation between two parties in the purchase process—something very important with a product like a PACS that has such a long sales cycle. This marketing touch had the ability to reaffirm Carestream as a strong player in the PACS market and definitely bring its name to the table if it hadn’t already been in consideration among other PACS vendors.