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Three Unexpected Revelations from a Digital Audit

Peter Platt explains findings that shock nearly every client after a digital audit.

We all pay a lot of attention to how we present our company through branding, advertising, direct response, and other promotions. The truth is, your company sees a lot more people than just those who call, stop by your office, or read your mail. The amount of traffic and impact your website has is worth paying attention to—that’s why many marketers invest in recommendations from a digital audit.

Longtime Verdi friend and President of Accountable Digital, Peter Platt, has been increasing business success driven by digital marketing for over twenty years. In this time, he has observed three unexpected revelations that occur to clients in practically every digital audit.

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The Verdi Group welcomes Amanda!

The Verdi Group has a new web designer–Amanda! We decided it’s only appropriate to do a Q & A for you (and us!) to get to know her better–plus, get a sneak peek on her coding and web design insights.

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Building Brand Credibility through Thought Leadership with an eBook

As new media becomes the new normal, the growth of digital marketing has exploded within the past couple of years.  According to Gartner Research VP Jake Sorofman, the new mindset is “less about ‘digital marketing’” and more about “marketing in the digital world where digital is the default.” So how can you take this opportunity to provide value to your market, and start to shape a new perspective for your brand? Enter the eBook.

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Skillsoft CIO Program Launches with Cutting-Edge Video Technology

Technology changes everything, even the simple brochure.

This is the opening phrase of the state-of-the-art Video in Print piece mailed to C-level technology titles at large firms throughout the United States and Canada in 2014.

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