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A Book Review of Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz reinforces the everyday practicalities of an immensely wider world of data. How long does it take an average consumer to turn a door handle? How long does lipstick last after it’s applied? How many shoelace holes are required for a sneaker to deliver optimal running performance? Large scale data that a product developer or marketer would have loved, was completely out of reach, impractical to collect. And not easy to analyze.

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How to make video work as an offer for every B2B marketing campaign

Whether you’re drumming up a lead generation program or building brand awareness, video should always be considered as a potentially strong offer!

At Verdi, we’ve found there are specific video offers that work best for different marketing campaigns such as lead generation, customer retention, and awareness/branding. Below are tips from Verdi experts that can help you choose the right video offer and optimize your B2B marketing campaign.

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Are marketers spending their dollars in the right places?

Ad Age releases 2018’s top media and marketing services

Internet advertising is booming

Statistics don’t lie – there are 4.021 billion internet users (53%) around the world – so it comes as no surprise that marketers are investing the majority of their budgets toward internet advertising. According to a recent Ad Age that reviews 2018’s top major media and marketing services, marketers worldwide are spending $78.3 billion toward internet advertising.

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Great offers in business-to-business direct marketing

What is the best offer in a B2B direct marketing program? Why should you care? How can you tell?

We’ll answer the second question first. You’ve heard the old saw, “In direct response marketing, list is responsible for 40% of the success, the offer is worth another 40%, and the creative comes in at 20%.” Those numbers are probably not true anymore, since they were developed as a result of millions of pieces of inexpensive direct mail testing by the publishing industry, who were responsible for most of the “junk” mail we used to receive years ago.

But the fact does remain, the offer is what makes people respond to a direct-marketing piece, be it electronic or something that goes through the US mail. In business to business marketing, or B2B as it is familiarly called, the offer is often information.

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Identifying “The Single Most Important Point” (SMIP) for Your B2B Marketing Creative Brief

Every marketing communications brief has one in some form or another. Some agencies call it a “Single Minded Proposition.” Others refer to it as a “Unique Selling Point,” or “Single Most Important Message.” Whatever you call it, at Verdi we take it very seriously. We (surprisingly) are humble enough to know that a communication is lucky to be remembered at all, considering the clutter of messages with which it competes. And if our communication is not remembered for our SMIP, well then, that’s just wrong!

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