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Scary B2B Marketing Mistakes

On the 31st of October, The Verdi Group ignites a papier-mâché campfire, turns off all the lights, and tells the most frightening B2B marketing mistakes.

Below are true stories told by Verdi employees.

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Using Infographics to Plan, Present, and Report on Marketing Initiatives

Let’s face it. Nothing kills the excitement in a conference room like reviewing a thick packet of documents, or a long deck of PowerPoint slides. Sharing a new marketing strategy, or reviewing metrics from a successful campaign should be exciting! With scientists reckoning that the average attention span is down to 9 seconds, using an infographic can help demand attention to the information you’re presenting.

Infographics provide an easy way to share and access information.

If a colleague wants to refer to specific content they saw on your infographic weeks prior, they won’t have to sift through a ten-page document trying to spot what they are looking for in a camouflage of type. According to Xerox, color visuals can improve both attention span and information recall by as much as 82 percent. Keeping the infographic to a single-page format also makes communicating your message to upper management an easier ask.

They look great on display!

If you’re afraid an attachment of your infographic could get lost in someone’s inbox, print off a few copies to pass around. These beauties make great office artwork, and are also handy to have as quick reference cheat sheets.


Looking for a partner to help you map out your next B2B marketing initiative? The Verdi Group can provide consultation, as well as creative and web services to help you generate response driven results.

5 Hacks for Saving Money on Direct Mail Production

1. Clean up the data

Naturally, this is the first step in saving precious production and postage dollars on mail that won’t ever get delivered. It’s worth taking the extra step to have your sales team, or others in the organization, check the mail file for suppressions and/or updates. Any waste on the file is also going to negatively affect your lead rate, so it’s a simple way to optimize the success of your campaign, all while saving you some dough. (Also, running your file through the USPS NCOA is worth the fee to cut down on undeliverable mail and confirmation of address changes.)

2. Request several quotes

Don’t be afraid to get your project quoted by multiple vendors. If one of your partners has the capability to fulfill all the components of your mailing, while another needs to send a piece offsite, there’s a chance that you’ll be paying a markup. If your lowest quote is still too high, find what’s driving the cost. (Note: nine times out of ten die cutting is what is going to drive up your cost per piece.)

3. Increase quantities

Now I realize this might sound counter intuitive to saving money, but economies of size can make a huge difference if you can justify the use of additional mail pieces. Because after all, who doesn’t love getting more for less?

4. Research materials

Once in a while at Verdi, our vendors will identify a material (i.e., envelopes, premiums, etc.) that exceeds the price we found in our research during the designing phase. In cases such as this, it doesn’t hurt to keep these links handy to offer as an alternative to what was originally quoted.

5. Design for your desired postage

If you can decrease cost by shaving off half an inch of width, or by taking the paper stock down to a lighter weight, it could be enough to enter a cheaper postage class. Did you know square envelopes are considered an “Odd Size” and will cost you $0.21 per letter in addition to the postage required? Knowing something like this ahead of time can help you design more efficiently from the get-go, and rest assure that you’re entering the project on budget.

The Power of Premiums in B2B Direct Mail

As business-minded people, we’ll do almost anything to get a response. At The Verdi Group, we have a history of sending interesting, educational premiums within direct mail packages. With decades of experience, we’ve only found that an appropriate premium represents your company positively and helps prospects remember your brand.However, deciding on the perfect one can be difficult – especially since it needs to be intriguing, within budget, and in support of the single most important point.

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Direct Marketing Testing Part 4: The Creative

This series explains The Verdi Group’s testing philosophy and provides important facts about testing in business-to-business direct marketing. Part Four is dedicated to testing your creative concept.

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