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How to make video work as an offer for every B2B marketing campaign

Whether you’re drumming up a lead generation program or building brand awareness, video should always be considered as a potentially strong offer!

At Verdi, we’ve found there are specific video offers that work best for different marketing campaigns such as lead generation, customer retention, and awareness/branding. Below are tips from Verdi experts that can help you choose the right video offer and optimize your B2B marketing campaign.

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The Power of Premiums in B2B Direct Mail

As business-minded people, we’ll do almost anything to get a response. At The Verdi Group, we have a history of sending interesting, educational premiums within direct mail packages. With decades of experience, we’ve only found that an appropriate premium represents your company positively and helps prospects remember your brand.However, deciding on the perfect one can be difficult – especially since it needs to be intriguing, within budget, and in support of the single most important point.

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Planning Effective B2B Telemarketing

Telemarketing specialist, Ian Heslop, talks strategies in B2B direct marketing.

Since the 1970’s in business-to-business marketing, telemarketing continues to be the most cost-effective way to reach a target. As the industry evolves, telemarketing is becoming more scientific than ever.

Ian Heslop, Director of Operations at Velocitii, has been in the telemarketing industry for over ten years. Throughout this time, he’s learned that while it’s inevitable that some people will refuse to take the calls, there’s plenty of planning that B2B marketers can do on their end to optimize their calling strategies.

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