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Keep your friends close, but keep USPS closer!

Why you should know USPS standards before starting your direct-mail production process

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How to Evaluate a Business-to-Business Marketing Agency

As an agency principal, 20-year mega-agency executive, and a “mad man” who actually worked on Madison Avenue in the sixties and seventies, I’ve been involved in many agency searches. Here are some tips based on my experience that will help you get what you’re looking for faster, and should result in a happier choice once you select your agency partner.

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The Verdi Group welcomes Amanda!

The Verdi Group has a new web designer–Amanda! We decided it’s only appropriate to do a Q & A for you (and us!) to get to know her better–plus, get a sneak peek on her coding and web design insights.

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Low-impact mail. Not here. Not now.

Because we do a lot of dimensional mail at Verdi, our account team has been condescending about the less elaborate envelope mailings and self-mailers that constitute most of the mail that arrives in your mailbox on a daily basis. And if a dimensional mail piece that costs $50 each is a high-impact effort (and of course it is!) then what do we call a follow-up envelope mailing consisting of an outer envelope, letter, brochure, lift note, and reply card?

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Reaching the Unreachable Contact through B2B Direct Mail

It’s a marketing tale as old as time, and we hear it quite often from our clients—“How can I reach contacts that will never click on an ad, open an email, opt-in (laughable!), and certainly not answer a phone call?” In today’s day and age where digital rules the marketing world there are still segments out there that appear to be completely unplugged from today’s popular digital channels. It’s times like these when we need to go back to the basics. After all, direct mail has been winning over prospects since 1,000 B.C!