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The Power of Premiums in B2B Direct Mail

As business-minded people, we’ll do almost anything to get a response. At The Verdi Group, we have a history of sending interesting, educational premiums within direct mail packages. With decades of experience, we’ve only found that an appropriate premium represents your company positively and helps prospects remember your brand.However, deciding on the perfect one can be difficult – especially since it needs to be intriguing, within budget, and in support of the single most important point.

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Great offers in business-to-business direct marketing

What is the best offer in a B2B direct marketing program? Why should you care? How can you tell?

We’ll answer the second question first. You’ve heard the old saw, “In direct response marketing, list is responsible for 40% of the success, the offer is worth another 40%, and the creative comes in at 20%.” Those numbers are probably not true anymore, since they were developed as a result of millions of pieces of inexpensive direct mail testing by the publishing industry, who were responsible for most of the “junk” mail we used to receive years ago.

But the fact does remain, the offer is what makes people respond to a direct-marketing piece, be it electronic or something that goes through the US mail. In business to business marketing, or B2B as it is familiarly called, the offer is often information.

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