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Unwrap your holiday campaign!

Does your business run promotions around the holidays? Are you hesitant to launch a marketing program in the last couple months of the year? With the United States Postal Service expecting a 10% rise in mail volume this 2017 holiday season, perhaps it’s time B2B marketers take advantage of a season when people are more inclined to receive and open mail.

Data shows that there’s an increase in mail volume in quarter three and quarter four, which, because people are looking for deals, results in higher response rates in all areas of marketing. However, it can be hard to cut through the clutter when everyone is competing for space in the mailbox.

Campaign strategies in B2B and B2C.

A successful campaign around the holidays begin with planning a timeline in advance. A good time to begin strategizing is as early as August, so you can begin before Halloween. According to, last year, nearly a third of holiday shoppers started their shopping in October or sooner, and this year even more will start early. One of the best times to send a B2B marketing email is weeks after Thanksgiving and a few days before the New Year, according to Funding Circle. Your execution should include ad promotions, electronic media, and/or direct mail weeks in advance—this allows you to test ideas, offers, creative, and copy.

On top of starting early, you should also focus on a unique offer. Because customers are on the lookout for deals during the holiday season, your offer should stand out. Whether it is a free gift with purchase, or a donation to charity—your offer should catch the eye.

We asked Bob, our creative director to comment. “It’s a great time of year to talk about the future,” he said, recalling many successful seasonal campaigns Verdi has implemented. “In financial services, customers are rethinking their tax strategy and welcome thought leadership. In B2B, planners are evaluating their successes from the past year and finalizing budgets for the next.” It’s a good time to reach customers at every level of management while they are making plans.”

It’s all about building relationships.

Finally, don’t forget to take the opportunity to thank your customers for their business. Sending a non-promotional email or letter may not always gain a sale, but it will help customers remember to turn to your business in the future. A simple holiday greeting is all it takes for a customer to feel appreciated.