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How marketing agencies can use their own techniques – even when event planning

The Verdi Group is hosting our twenty-first annual client holiday party this November. Every year we pick a venue in greater Rochester, buy imported, stinky cheeses, and serve the first wine of the harvest–Beaujolais Nouveau! It’s a tradition that reminds us why we love what we do, and the clients we do it with.

Below is our advice to you on how to create an event using your company’s techniques.



First, plan.

While our party coincidentally falls on the 3rd Thursday of every November because of the release of Beaujolais Nouveau, we’ve found that this is also the most convenient time to host our event.

“It’s interesting because it is the first party of the season—being ahead of Thanksgiving and Christmas,” said long-time Beaujolais attendee, Jeff Pollock. “It’s convenient for clients because it’s kid friendly, on a Thursday, and in the evening.”

An effective way to show appreciation to your clients is planning an event that is convenient for them. Everyone will notice the time and effort you gave to keep their business—from the venue, time, date, food and drinks—nothing will go unrecognized!

Second, put forth your talent.

If you’re a direct marketing agency, it’s time to show off your talent. Creating an invitation that your clients can leave on their office shelf is a guarantee RSVP. Your invite should make them want to come to your event!

“The great thing about The Verdi Group is that their mail cuts through the clutter on peoples’ desks and gets a response,” said Pollock. “You want them to see and feel themselves going to your event. That’s powerful in getting people to RSVP.”

Your invitation should not only be eye-catching, but it should have a strong call to action. Adina Schoeneman, a client from EagleView Technologies said, “I loved the Beaujolais invites because I had an incentive to do something.”

Every year we challenge our guests to participate in a contest weeks before the event begins. In previous years, we’ve asked our clients to come up with the cheesiest song lyrics and movie titles (literally!).

Sending them follow-up emails and creating a website for the event also makes it more official. After all, this isn’t any old office party! When you put in the work, your guests feel more obligated to come.

Finally, know what to expect.

One of the many reasons your clients want to come to your event is to meet other people in their field and to network, so expect to introduce your clients to other clients and participate in conversation.

In the end, if your clients leave appreciating your business and all the more respecting your company’s talent, you’ve thrown a great event.

Julie Weidman, a client from Carestream said, “The Verdi Group’s party is a great example of their work. It makes me realize that I’ve chose a great creative agency, and overall makes me feel like the agency appreciates my business.”

Check out examples of our Beaujolais Nouveau Partee invites!

This cheese box invite won us 2014 Marketer of the Year! Our 2016 invite gave our clients the opportunity to decorate a mask. And this year’s 2017 invite is eye-catching with popping colors.


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