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Building Brand Credibility through Thought Leadership with an eBook

As new media becomes the new normal, the growth of digital marketing has exploded within the past couple of years.  According to Gartner Research VP Jake Sorofman, the new mindset is “less about ‘digital marketing’” and more about “marketing in the digital world where digital is the default.” So how can you take this opportunity to provide value to your market, and start to shape a new perspective for your brand? Enter the eBook.

An e-What?

Using an eBook to merchandise content is a highly engaging and user-friendly digital marketing solution. The combination of copy, photography, sound clips, and infographics can pack a powerful punch when trying to build brand credibility, and prove your company’s presence within the market. Although it’s a soft sell in terms of sales profitability, it’s a path toward building a stronger relationship with your audience—especially visionary thinkers who may be tough to get to via traditional marketing tactics. Measuring engagement with this type of platform is also made easy with a variety of readership statistics at your fingertips.

A Verdi Case Study

Back in 2014, The Verdi Group created the CIO eBook for our clients at Carestream in order to stimulate discussion on some of healthcare information systems’ most critical issues of key stakeholders. Carestream was in a unique position to assist in this discussion due to its background with innovative healthcare IT products and understanding of workflow. It was our goal to give Carestream a voice by forming a helpful perspective to share with its audience through a highly engaging channel.

The eBook was titled, “From Trust to Use and Beyond: The Road to Clinical Decision Support”, and was originally published with three chapters on a digital platform called Joomag. Each chapter focused on a different component within the healthcare IT umbrella and offered views from industry experts, as well as podcast sound clips, white papers, and infographics. In 2014 alone, the eBook generated over 2,000 views and an average duration of 9 minutes per reader.

7 Chapters Later…

Today, that same eBook has published a total of 7 chapters. It has been distributed through emails, blog posts, social media, trade shows, and media plans. Altogether the number of views through all of these outlets has grown to over 16,000, and 30% of them have come from outside of the United States. Without any sign of waning in the engagement statistics, Carestream has commissioned an 8th chapter which will be published in 2017.