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Skillsoft CIO Program Launches with Cutting-Edge Video Technology

Technology changes everything, even the simple brochure.

This is the opening phrase of the state-of-the-art Video in Print piece mailed to C-level technology titles at large firms throughout the United States and Canada in 2014.

Designed to convey Skillsoft’s agility, and the critical need for agility within IT departments, the Verdi-developed Skillsoft CIO Program delivered cutting-edge technological appeal through its paper-thin Video in Print brochure, built through thin film liquid crystal active-matrix display. The brochure offered recipients a virtual tour of Skillsoft’s agile, 24/7 course library, and a message from Jerry Nine, Skillsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, to reiterate the importance of keeping IT departments up-to-date with the rapidly-changing technological environment in order to retain IT employees. As a further facet of agility for CIOs, the program also included a high-odds sweepstakes by offering CIOs a 1 in 5 chance to win a coveted Nike+ FuelBand® SE.

The mailing’s impressive technology succeeded in capturing the attention of the tech-savvy audience, and response to date has been overwhelmingly positive, with follow-up in its early stages.

Watch the video here.