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Identifying “The Single Most Important Point” (SMIP) for Your B2B Marketing Creative Brief

Every marketing communications brief has one in some form or another. Some agencies call it a “Single Minded Proposition.” Others refer to it as a “Unique Selling Point,” or “Single Most Important Message.” Whatever you call it, at Verdi we take it very seriously. We (surprisingly) are humble enough to know that a communication is lucky to be remembered at all, considering the clutter of messages with which it competes. And if our communication is not remembered for our SMIP, well then, that’s just wrong!

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Planning Effective B2B Telemarketing

Telemarketing specialist, Ian Heslop, talks strategies in B2B direct marketing.

Since the 1970’s in business-to-business marketing, telemarketing continues to be the most cost-effective way to reach a target. As the industry evolves, telemarketing is becoming more scientific than ever.

Ian Heslop, Director of Operations at Velocitii, has been in the telemarketing industry for over ten years. Throughout this time, he’s learned that while it’s inevitable that some people will refuse to take the calls, there’s plenty of planning that B2B marketers can do on their end to optimize their calling strategies.

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Why your Marketing Agency Should go the Extra Mile to Attend Client Trade Shows.

The Verdi Group recently traveled to the 2018 International Roofing Expo (IRE) in New Orleans, LA for one of our clients–and believe it or not, we didn’t just go for the gumbo and beignets! We attended the show not only to expand our industry knowledge, but to show our commitment to our client and their campaigns.

Staying on top of industry trends

A trades show is an opportunity for companies to showcase and exhibit their new products and services. Here your agency can meet with professionals in the industry from far and wide. This gives them a chance to see new trends and gain insight on what is to come in the future. Being aware of up-and-coming products will help your agency work with you to strategize your marketing efforts more effectively.

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Why Skills-Based Volunteering is Worth the Investment for your Company and Community.

Todd Butler from Causewave Talks Serving with Agency Skill Set.

As the world is becoming more socially active and aware, many businesses are beginning to ask themselves how they can become more engaged in the community. The solution? Skills-based volunteering.

The Verdi Group recently had the opportunity to support Causewave Community Partners by creating a direct mail piece for their client appreciation party. While attending this event, we had a chance to speak with President and CEO, Todd Butler, about how businesses can use their skill set in the community.

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