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New Year Equals New Goals: B2B Marketing Resolutions for 2019


A new year is approaching for B2B marketers, which means new budgets will be given and new goals must be set! To help you in your 2019 planning, we’ve compiled a list of practical marketing resolutions you can put into action.

1.    Define your goals

First and foremost, define the goals you desire to achieve this coming year. One way you can do this is by mapping out your lead generation goals for 2019 with an annual projection sheet that’s broken up into a monthly cadence. By using data from year’s past, you can define reasonable lead goals for various programs, and then arrange them throughout the year.

This is a great way to check whether your annual lead goals are attainable with the marketing activities you have in mind. It also serves as a working document for the year when reporting on various progress checkpoints!

2.    Strengthen your Customer’s Loyalty

Instead of spending money on acquiring new customers, focus on retaining the customers you already have. By strengthening your relationship with your customers, you will not only build a positive brand reputation, but you will bring in more qualified leads. According to a study, “84% of B2B decision makers start the buying process with a referral.” This proves that referrals are the best leads you can get – so give your customers recognition and reward them for their loyalty this new year!

3.    Try something different

Many marketers want to invest in the latest trends. This usually involves the internet in one way or another. According to Age Ad’s 2018 Marketing Fact Pack, internet is the biggest advertising medium.

While online advertising is important, it’s also essential to try tactics that are proven to increase revenue and response. Take for instance direct mail. This form of advertising often gets overlooked despite its benefits. As an agency, we’ve studied many types of advertising – from TV, digital, social media, and more. And the truth is, print has always been the winner of response and lasting impressions.

Believe it or not, direct mail can increase response in comparison to digital if done correctly. Research shows that “targeted B2B direct mail has a response rate of 4.4% – nearly 37 times higher than that of email (.12%).” If you have the means this coming new year, try investing in something new like direct mail and reap the benefits!

4.    Embrace your brand identity

Having a strong brand identity is a feat you should strive for this new year. It may seem like a tedious task to take on, but it’s well worth the results. In fact, “77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to overall growth.” This is because brand identity sets you apart from your competitors, and fosters an emotional connection with your audience. 

The most practical way you can begin this process is by making sure your online presence, customer service, and other communications align with your overall brand objective. From your visual identity to your tone of voice on social media, make sure you’re staying true to your brand identity.

5.    Take steps to tighten up your database processes

Behind the scenes work deserves just as much attention. Taking time to clean up your internal database will not only improve your customer service, but it will also prevent you from making embarrassing mistakes – like calling the same person twice due to an outdated spreadsheet or untidy CRM system!

There are countless ways you can tighten up your database. By making sure reps completely fill out entries, you can gain valuable information for future communication pieces. Cleaning up your list and removing unresponsive prospects will give you more time to focus on those with potential.

In the end, your database process is the core of your business’ success. Taking time this year to make sure your internal system is efficient will only bring more leads and satisfied customers!

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Using Infographics to Plan, Present, and Report on Marketing Initiatives

Let’s face it. Nothing kills the excitement in a conference room like reviewing a thick packet of documents, or a long deck of PowerPoint slides. Sharing a new marketing strategy, or reviewing metrics from a successful campaign should be exciting! With scientists reckoning that the average attention span is down to 9 seconds, using an infographic can help demand attention to the information you’re presenting.

Infographics provide an easy way to share and access information.

If a colleague wants to refer to specific content they saw on your infographic weeks prior, they won’t have to sift through a ten-page document trying to spot what they are looking for in a camouflage of type. According to Xerox, color visuals can improve both attention span and information recall by as much as 82 percent. Keeping the infographic to a single-page format also makes communicating your message to upper management an easier ask.

They look great on display!

If you’re afraid an attachment of your infographic could get lost in someone’s inbox, print off a few copies to pass around. These beauties make great office artwork, and are also handy to have as quick reference cheat sheets.


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